The preliminary plan of PolkaCipher is to build a scalable Layer 2 component layer based upon a privacy blockchain and a P2P network in the blockchain ecosystems for data management (such as data availability and reliability) and privacy protection for decentralized NFT transaction before Polkadot main-net goes live and meets the technical and functional requirements of this project. After the Polkadot's main-net is live and ready, PolkaCipher will move directly to the Substrate-based interchangeable architecture where it has the original anonymous security. We will use our own cross-chain bridge to bring NFT's minted on Ethereum into the Polkadot Ecosystem.
As a trustless oracle, PolkaCipher obtains confident data resources by optimizing community strength and adding economic incentives and penalties to provide Polkadot and other blockchain's future cross-chain business ecosystem with self-operating, self-organized data source component.

At Polkacipher we have the following designs principles:

Private Data collection and distribution - The collection and distribution of data for application purposes should be kept private. To accomplish this, all data transmitted via the blockchain is encrypted and secured using zero-knowledge proofs to ensure data privacy.
Maintaining data integrity - To ensure the data is collected and distributed is fairly, we use economic incentive models to reward or penalize the data providers
Community Governance - PolkaCipher will be fully community-owned through governance tokens and users will have the right to decide on the direction of the project
Cross-chain compatible - PolkaCipher is fully cross-chain compatible and will use its own bridge to move NFT's across multiple blockchains.