At PolkaCipher we aim to finally break the barrier between blockchain and real-world data through the commercialization of NFTs and accelerating adoption of decentralized finance into everyday lives.
Although demand for such services is vast, we are focused on one niche, "The Commercialization of NFTs".
Our NFTs can be used to privately transact between two parties without revealing any information to the public and can be made fully or partially available upon request. Our private registry will use Merkle proof to secure data in our NFT registry. Once data is secured, we will provide an anchor for the registry to be accessed by the user to mint/distribute NFT with other parties.
Business NFTs have huge use-cases. Some of them are as follows:
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    Finance, etc.
Private NFTs can be used to issue insurance documents, allow access to games, do legal transfers, and used as collateral to issue loans and much more. We aim to be at forefront of this enterprise integration and blockchain revolution.
Once ready, PolkaCipher will be self-sustained and community-owned.