Our platform will have products over multiple product upgrades:
Truss - Lending/Staking/Mining Platform
As the name suggests, an ecosystem where you can Lend/Stake/Mine the $CPHR token to generate more rewards by empowering systems and data collection nodes, acting as the pillars of PolkaCipher's vision. Our token plays a centric part in PolkaCipher's chain functions by rewarding the data providers for correct and effective data supply and community through staking and mining features.
eData - Secure Data collection for Businesses
PolkaCipher can securely hold your data behind an NFT secured by specialized vaults that can only be accessed through the NFT's like a key. These NFT's can be minted privately or publicly based on the user's choice. Users need to stake a certain amount of tokens to activate the locker. These lockers can hold anything from images to legal documents.
bNFTSs - Business focused NFTs
bNFTs is the term for our privacy-enabled business document solution that can be privately minted, distributed, and collected. If you wish to receive your salary by the end of the month, a bNFT with a time lock feature can be minted that will allow you to withdraw your payment from a specific wallet once after 30 days of work. Our lockers will securely store those tokens for 30 days after which point they will become available automatically, once the time lock period expires, or until the assets are withdrawn.
bNFTs can also work as a legal document, ownership transfer, access pass, website login, and even Insurance and business contracts with an option to transact privately or publicly.
CipherDEX - bNFTs trading platform
CipherDEX will be a privacy enabled fully compatible DEX with EVM chains built on Polkadot, allowing anyone to trade bNFTs privately and securely that were minted on PolkaCipher's network. You can buy/sell other NFT's through PolkaCipher's DEX and secure your acquired NFT's under a locker using PolkaCipher's eData lockers.
SuperStable - Cross-chain StableCoin ecosystem for eData, bNFTs, and Truss.
PolkaCipher's ecosystem provides a vast amount of services that work towards the commercialization of NFT's for the general economy and real-world business. PolkaCipher's cross-chain StableCoin ecosystem will help users secure, gift, mint, or transfer bNFTs using any StableCoin that is available on the polkaCipher's SuperStable ecosystem.